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About Us

SHUDH AIR FILTERS feel proud to introduce as a manufacturer of various Air Filters depending upon ones requirements i.e.

  • • Pre Air Filter
  • • Fine Air Filter
  • • Combination Air Filter
  • • Riser Air Filter
  • • Deep Pleated HEPA Filter
  • • Mini Pleated HEPA Filter

We are continuously in the process of developing our products, we do not compromise. Therefore we able to offer something different and exciting to our wellbeing customers; a breath of fresh air and a new possibility. There is a good chance that at this very moment you are breathing clean air that has passed through Air filter manufactured by us.

We work with an unwavering commitment of excellence towards Quality and Service.

Quality Concern:
Any Air Filter may have chance of lowest efficiency, thus we examine each and every Air Filter in all types of climate conditions as per the norms of the “European Committee for Standardization (CEN)”. Upon the successful completion of examination we supply Air Filter along with actual test certificate.

Service Concern:
Wherever you need us in the world, we stand by your side and respond immediately and professionally to all your Issues and requirements.

Your home market is our turf!